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The Hawklords Headline An All-day Barney Bubbles Benefit Memorial Concert

The Hawklords Headline An All-day Barney Bubbles Benefit Memorial Concert
The 229 Club, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN
Sunday 29th November, 2009 from 2 – 10pm
On 14th November 1983, the art and music worlds lost one of their most important and innovative figures with the death of the legendary graphic designer Barney Bubbles. His work as Hawkwind’s cover artist and stage-set creator established him as key figure in the Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill counter-culture scene, whilst his subsequent work with Stiff Records (including his designs for Elvis Costello’s album covers and his fractured Kandinsky-esque cover painting for The Damned’s Music For Pleasure LP) established his relevance to the punk/new-wave generation. He directed the seminal video for The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’ single, worked as art director at Friends magazine and was an early champion of Pennie Smith, who was to become one of rock’s most lauded photographers.
“Barney was, as far as media direction of the youth of this country, probably the most important artist of our generation.” Douglas Smith, interviewed by Jonathon Green, ‘Days In the Life: Voices From The English Underground’.
“...one of the most important graphic artists of his time.” Will Birch, ‘No Sleep ‘Till Canvey Island – The British Pub Rock Scene’.
Barney Bubbles’ long-time friend and admirer, former Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner, has been instrumental in organising this memorial concert celebrating the life and achievements of this most singular of multi-media artists, with a view to setting up a foundation/annual award for innovative album cover design, and a memorial plaque for him...
Headliners THE HAWKLORDS, featuring Adrian Shaw, Alan Davey, Harvey Bainbridge, Jerry Richards, Martin Griffin, Nik Turner, Ron Tree, Steve Swindells and Terry Ollis will perform Hawkwind’s 1973 stage extravaganza, Space Ritual, up-dated to 2009, supported by The New Bubblettes dancers and lighting designs inspired by Liquid Len & The Lensmen.
The day’s extensive line-up also features key 70s Notting Hill band QUINTESSENCE, The Damned founder-member Brian James, fronting his own BRIAN JAMES GANG, Nik Turner’s INNER CITY UNIT and the band created by Barney Bubbles, THE IMPERIAL POMPADOURS.
Pentameters Players will perform their acclaimed staging of ROBERT CALVERT’s play, ‘The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice’.
Also appearing during this memorial concert: JERRY FITZGERALD/LOL COXHILL’S ‘FRE-EX, TRIKIMIKI’S ‘3-D SPACE-WARP’, and D.J. JEFF DEXTER
The 229 ticket hotline 0207 323 7229 * £20.00 advance, £25.00 door
For further information and interviews please contact: Ian Abrahams - 07722519266


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Reflections of a Rock Lobster: Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reflections of a Rock Lobster: Thursday, January 12, 2006
The singer with the Vels was Alice Cohen, later Alice Mann.

The only band ever to play by contract with the Hard Rock Cafe was BeeWah; I still have the signed contract. One of the members, Dan McKay, was responsible for the Stickmen. Ted Reed may have also been in on the founding or something of that band. BeeWah had played the Temple orientation day or something like that either in '83 or '82, I forget which, but I still have the newspaper clippings from that one.

The Victory Club, and Warren and his son, dated back to the '70's.

Larkin, Cohen, and Alan Mann were regular players in Philly. The Vels had posters everywhere and played everywhere. We all knew each other, or knew "of" each other through one of the guys I grew up with, Jamison Smoothdog, whose real name was Jimi Hendricks. He couldn't use his name because although he pre-dated the other Jimi Hendrix, even during the San Francisco Summer of Love, played before Hendrix, someone else had trademarked his name and he was basically forbade from using it. Smoothdog was a great songwriter, but prone to getting ripped off by the powers that be. He, unfortunately, married Jamie, the daughter of a major record company president, someone like Clive Davies, at which point he was told he would never get off the ground. With 7 albums shelved in New York City by this record company, Jamsison stuck to nightclubing after his wife was killed in an auto accident and he was the last one to be told ["Hard To Believe"]. Jamison also cites his authorship of "Can't You See," which he sold to the Marshall Tucker Band for something like $5,000.00 or so and they put their name on the copyright form as authors, and an offer by Meatloaf for "The Ballad of Ginny West."

There were a lot of other bands and players around at the time, Ken Kweder, Mikey Wild, Johnnie O, Iroq, Glen Ferracone, to name a few, and all of the bands knew each other, as well as Pierre Robert, Robert Hazard, The A's, the Pedestrians, Cybdu Lauper, Essra Mohawk, and Jon Bon Jovi. The Alternative set were as much a part of it as the regular Rock and Roll set. But Philadelphia had a curse on it from the powers that be, mostly in Hollywood, New York, and Nashville; enforced by the mobs here and there. The order had been given that no white band was to be signed and successfully promoted if they were actually from Philadelphia. That was the mutual deal between to two biggest promoter/record companies operating studios in the city.

It traced it's origins back to the early radio and bandstand days before FM and the Beatles and involved four or five guys from Philly who are very well known in the music business and who moved to Hollywood in the 50's.

I'll post this in my own blog as well. I believe I remember you and Rock Lobster.

Terry James


Terry James
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Two months of nightmares with Windows Servers!

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Okay, this is what happened:

We caught a spammer on our forum. We tracked him down. We reported him to everybody, Google, etc., and to phpBB.com While waiting for help on another problem at phpBB.com we perused the discussions. There was someone encouraging eating cow brains. We stated the case that this was stupid. We were told that we were trolls and flamers. We protested. Meanwhile the fourth in command at Homeland Security got caught in the round up. What we had reported to Google and phpBB.com was a network of professionals in the "scripting" business targeting children for child pornography. They got caught. They were operating out of Canada, Washington, D.C., and Delaware, same places where we found the scriptors who were trying to blame the Russians. Everything eventually boiled down to Canada and Victor Storm at a snupigood domain. He was hijacking Google searches and falsifying links to redirect searches to his porno sites and gambling sites.

Then phpBB.com got very angry with us for catching these Canadian scriptors.

They did not like us telling them not to eat cow brains.

They did not like us telling them that people who eat cow brains are stupid.

They ordered us to obey their will or face their wrath.

We chose to take them on; bring it on sucker! Bring it on! We be's boyz from the hood and we ain't puttin up with Cannuck threats, besides, our hockey team can whip your hockey team any day of the week! Go Flyers!

They banned us.

It makes us wonder: porno dudes, scriptors, more hard headed than Adolf Hitler? Could there be a relationship between phpBB.com and pornography? Maybe only Michael Moore can find out! Like "Fahrenheit 911" none of the Cannucks wanted to discuss anything, just like our congressmen.

I told the Cannucks we'll now be investigating "baby bombers," you know, those guys who say it was okay to drop 1,000 lb bombs, scuds, and napalm on poor little two year olds in Iraq simply because "that's the price of war." Doh! Maybe to Adof Hitler, who was the first to bomb innocent civilians, but not to any true American I know! Maybe Canada is different, maybe in Canada it's okay to murder babies, but it's not here in America!

Nor is pornography an acceptible lifestyle. And all of this depends on Freedom of Expression and the right to catch these heinous criminals and to talk about how Canadian beef products contain mad cow desease.

So, basically, we said that dictatorial censorship was stupid.

We got banned from phpBB.com

end of story.

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