Can never find the dashboard when you need it!

Okay, this is what happened:

We caught a spammer on our forum. We tracked him down. We reported him to everybody, Google, etc., and to phpBB.com While waiting for help on another problem at phpBB.com we perused the discussions. There was someone encouraging eating cow brains. We stated the case that this was stupid. We were told that we were trolls and flamers. We protested. Meanwhile the fourth in command at Homeland Security got caught in the round up. What we had reported to Google and phpBB.com was a network of professionals in the "scripting" business targeting children for child pornography. They got caught. They were operating out of Canada, Washington, D.C., and Delaware, same places where we found the scriptors who were trying to blame the Russians. Everything eventually boiled down to Canada and Victor Storm at a snupigood domain. He was hijacking Google searches and falsifying links to redirect searches to his porno sites and gambling sites.

Then phpBB.com got very angry with us for catching these Canadian scriptors.

They did not like us telling them not to eat cow brains.

They did not like us telling them that people who eat cow brains are stupid.

They ordered us to obey their will or face their wrath.

We chose to take them on; bring it on sucker! Bring it on! We be's boyz from the hood and we ain't puttin up with Cannuck threats, besides, our hockey team can whip your hockey team any day of the week! Go Flyers!

They banned us.

It makes us wonder: porno dudes, scriptors, more hard headed than Adolf Hitler? Could there be a relationship between phpBB.com and pornography? Maybe only Michael Moore can find out! Like "Fahrenheit 911" none of the Cannucks wanted to discuss anything, just like our congressmen.

I told the Cannucks we'll now be investigating "baby bombers," you know, those guys who say it was okay to drop 1,000 lb bombs, scuds, and napalm on poor little two year olds in Iraq simply because "that's the price of war." Doh! Maybe to Adof Hitler, who was the first to bomb innocent civilians, but not to any true American I know! Maybe Canada is different, maybe in Canada it's okay to murder babies, but it's not here in America!

Nor is pornography an acceptible lifestyle. And all of this depends on Freedom of Expression and the right to catch these heinous criminals and to talk about how Canadian beef products contain mad cow desease.

So, basically, we said that dictatorial censorship was stupid.

We got banned from phpBB.com

end of story.

Cy b e r S o n g s


Musics™: CyberSongs™

Musics™: CyberSongs™

Great! I have no idea why blog won't simply accept colors.

have to hit far right button, Edit Html, not Rich Text!

Cy b e r S o n g s

Musics™: CyberSongs™

Musics™: CyberSongs™

C y b e r S o n g s

Althouse: The courtroom and the coffeeshop.

Althouse: The courtroom and the coffeeshop.

I don't care much about the law profession, but Ann Althouse is hot!


I obviously don't know where I'm blogging, but I typed in "Nothing to do" in Google, and, well, here I am!

I know that where I live there's this old doc called "The Bill Of Rights." I've been told it's the Ten Commandments of America, and that it carries the same form of God's Ten Commandments. So, watching lawyers over 230 years now [okay, smartalek law students, since 1789 which would be more like 217 years, but you're objection is overrruled, live with it!], completely destroy the commandments of the People over the Lawyers, I don't care anymore what lawyers generally have to say, especially at Harvard, mostly known for Adams suspending all law anyway.

No, I'd rather look at the fauna and flowers. So, when I saw this platinum babe defending blogs against the evil empire I took a better look at the photo. It what I think of. With a 4.0 in what law classes I took, I got bored quickly, starting looking at the people, you know?

So, I find out Ann is a full fledged Law Professor. O-kayyyy a girl with looks and brains . . .

She likes Starbucks. I liked JoJo too; he was kewl when he started his first coffee joint. I do doppio machiatto [double expresso with only whipped cream on top, for you intellectuals out there, it's Italian, from some platinum Italians in the Alps]. Sometimes a quad. I have been accused of being crazy for leaving it all behind and beoming a Rock N Roll performer.

But you know what's the hardest thing in Rock N Roll? Law. Specifically, Copyright Law. Worse, find the best Intellectual Property Lawyer. So, I'm figuring, she's got three of the multiple choices down on the LSAT; what's next? (D). Beautiful Laweress practices, maybe, Copyright Law?

And if that's true, the answer is (E) I would love to meet super smart platinum babe lawyeress to discuss intellectual property and get the money Fox Films, ASCAP, and a sneaky Hollywood publisher and all of their forked tongue mouthpieces, or at least talk to her.

Am I using her? Well, she could always say "No." And then the answer would be (F) Invite her to Starbucks for coffee and a cupcake. So, no, I don't think so. Which, of course, uncovers my hidden motives, which are not hidden any longer as I write this blog comment, making me somewhat "honest," well, maybe and maybe not [that's the lawyer thinking again!], but I don't have to be logical, nor approved of, nor anything, but happy, really, and when I see a bright star I love to look at her and admire her. My only motive, God help me, and I really did have "Nothing to do," for a few minutes. From now on, regardless of anything that may or may not happen:

Thank you "Platinum Girl."

from a diamond boy