Musics™: CyberSongs™

Musics™: CyberSongs™

Great! I have no idea why blog won't simply accept colors.

have to hit far right button, Edit Html, not Rich Text!

Cy b e r S o n g s


Blogger Terry James said...

works on blogs, fails on comments:

<FONT COLOR=rgb(239,0,0)><B>C</B></FONT>
<FONT COLOR=rgb(153,153,0)>
<FONT color=blue><B>b</B></FONT>
<FONT color=#cc33cc><B>e</B></FONT>
<FONT color=rgb(0,153,0)><B>r</B></FONT>
<FONT color=red><B>S</B></FONT>
<FONT color=green><B>o</B></FONT>
<FONT color=brown><B>n</B></FONT>
<FONT color=gray><B>g</B></FONT>
<FONT color=darkorange><B>s</B></FONT>
<FONT color=green><SUP>™</SUP></FONT>

1:03 AM  
Blogger Terry James said...

Blogger bugs:

less than [left indent] is misconverted from "& l t ;" to "<" in preview; this breaks the code.

1:05 AM  

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